These days, I’m ashamed to say, I’m not learning something new every day. It’s not been a good time. I’ve only just started to read the headlines again, and just barely. So until I have something new and interesting, here’s a draft I dug up from years ago:

“Sometimes you have to play a word ’cause it’s funny,” I said to my husband, as I did just that in an online Scrabble match with a stranger on Facebook. “Even if it’s not a money-maker.” My choice? “Zounds.” “That’s not a word,” he complained. I protested with feigned certainty and looked it up.

zounds |zoundz|

exclamation archaic or humorous

expressing surprise or indignation.

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: contraction from (God)’s wounds (i.e., those of Jesus Christ on the Cross). (From dictionary applet)

Who knew it was so old?

I gleaned a mere 18 points, but the “z” had been on the board anyway.