Registered to Vote, and More

I don’t think I’ll be in NJ for long, but I went ahead and got a new driver’s license anyway. The prime motivator was eligibility for in-county tuition rates at the local community college, where I have been taking one class at a time and intend to keep doing so until I figure out what to do next.

But a bonus, of course, is that I am now eligible to vote in the same state where I reside. I’ve never voted in a primary before, but with this presidential race being so serious, I thought I’d take a quick glimpse to see which experienced public servant was considered most likely to trump Trump.

The answer is not clear. However, during my search I happened upon an interesting device: The CNN Politics 2016 Candidate Matchmaker. I have to admit I’m not issue-savvy enough to be sure of all of the answers to the questions posed by this engine, but I did my best without doing any overthinking or research. For what it’s worth, I was not surprised by the results: based on my response to their queries, my top three choices are apparently all Democrats. In order of preference, they were Hillary, Bernie, and Martin O’Malley.

OK; maybe there was one surprise: I thought my answer to at least one of the questions was a bit radical, which sounds to me like the opposite of a Clinton. It was a query about income tax. One of the options was something to the effect of “forget income tax and just tax people on what they consume,” and I chose that one.