“Shining like a national guitar”

paul simon essentialWhile I love music, I’m not usually interested in interviews with musicians. But this morning Paul Simon‘s familiar voice was welcome as I drove to Zumba class, and, if I hadn’t been late, I would have stayed in the car and listened some more. Speaking about the evolution of his songwriting, Simon was funny and poignant. Of course, I can’t discount personal bias toward an artist who created so many pieces of the backdrop of my life. But maybe you’ll find it worth a listen, too.

By the time the strains to Graceland played, I was interested in his technique and moved by the results. Then again, maybe I was just sleepily nostalgic and subconsciously elevating it by contrast with the lame exercise class I was about to walk into. (Yes, it’s OK to end a sentence with a preposition.)

(Nothing against Zumba as a whole, but this particular class is my least favorite, and arriving post-warmup is never a good idea.)

As compulsively analytical as I usually am, I don’t pretend to know or care what “shining like a national guitar” means, or what the Mississippi Delta could possibly have to do with it. It just works.

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