I registered the domain wanderingphilosopher.com around 2003. That was before the blogosphere, and the idea of starting a free online travel magazine sounded inspired — and pretty nervy. I don’t recall how much of it I put together, but life got in the way, and it fizzled out in its infancy. I’ve kept the domain ever since, however, because I was infatuated with the name and always thought I’d do something with it.

I learned about the origins of the word “philosophy”  long ago: It’s from Greek philosophia (via Latin and French, according to Wikipedia). The “philo” part means “loving,” and the “sophia” part means “knowledge” or “wisdom.” I love to learn, and tend to wander, so the title was a good fit.

Wandering Philosopher has had a few additional false starts over the years. Now that blogging is so incredibly simple — it doesn’t require much more skill than writing these days — I thought I’d take another crack at it. I’m no longer a frequent traveler, but I still love to learn and explore, even if a lot of that takes place in the virtual world. There are so many opportunities now for education all over the Internet, as well as out in the community (or the woods, for that matter).

Some might say I’ve had more than my fair share of school. French, Italian, Spanish, computer programming, real estate: I’ve had a lot of formal education, though goodness knows I skipped lots of school too. I’ve had a bit of informal education as well, in things like graphic arts and layout programs, though only enough to keep me amused, rather than employed.

I’ve learned a lot and forgotten a ton, but I could keep learning new things (or relearning old ones) for the rest of my days. This blog is about everyday opportunities for learning — like on the Internet or at the local college — and my perspective or opinion about anything that comes up.

I truly wish I could be a professional student, and while it seems unlikely to be a possibility, I haven’t quite given up. If you care to sponsor this quest — or know of someone else who will — please write to contact “at” wanderingphilosopher “dot” com.